President in Campuses | Mr. Hu Baishan engaged with university leaders and students

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President in Campuses | Mr. Hu Baishan engaged with university leaders and students

March 27
19:58 2023

To enhance the connection between the company and the leading universities in China, and to encourage the recruitment of skilled individuals and collaborations on technological advancements, Mr. Hu Baishan, the vice chairman and president of NHU, visited Tianjin University and Nankai University in person on March 2 and 3. He was accompanied by other high-level company executives, such as Ms. Zhang Liying, the president’s assistant, and Mr. Huang Guodong, the vice president of the research institute, together with the research team and the recruitment team of the company. The visit aimed at establishing honest and open collaborations in the fields of technology and building a reputable employer brand.

On March 2, Mr. Hu attended a symposium with Prof. Wang Tianyou, who is a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the Vice President of Tianjin University and Mr. Fu Yindan, the Executive Vice President of the Institute of Science and Technology Development.

The next day, March 3, Mr. Hu joined a meeting with Mr. Zhang Shoumin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Chemistry of Nankai University, as well as other leaders and professors.

The meetings started right upon the arrival of Mr. Hu Baishan and his delegation at the university. During these meetings, Mr. Hu provided an overview of the company’s development history, industrial layout, scientific research and innovation, and demand for talents. In turn, the university presented information about its own situation and research projects, and both parties engaged in a discussion regarding potential areas of cooperation. Mr. Hu expressed a desire to maintain strong communication with the university and collaborate on projects related to industry-academia-research integration and talent cultivation, in order to achieve further growth and success.

During the spring campus job fair, Mr. Hu Baishan spoke about the history, present situation, and future plans of NHU, as well as the company’s culture and values. As an innovative enterprise, NHU always prioritizes innovation-driven development, and focuses on emerging strategic industries at the national level such as big health, new materials, and bio-fermentation, boasting a strong research and innovation capacity and wide prospects for development. Moreover, NHU has established a culture centered around caring for, nurturing, and developing its employees, considering talent to be the foremost resource for its growth, and working to help employees grow and develop alongside the company. Mr. Hu sincerely invited students to join NHU and work together towards shared goals, setting sail on the stage of NHU to pursue their ambitions together.

The event was also joined by doctoral alumni who shared their work experience and perspectives on personal growth at NHU with the students.

NHU views scientific research and innovation as essential for the company’s survival and development and considers innovation as its primary resource of competitive advantage. We adhere to an R&D philosophy that prioritizes demand-oriented development with internal collaboration and external partnerships. We continually enhance the capacity of our nine platforms, promote industry-academia-research cooperation, and strengthen our scientific research and innovation capabilities.

We are committed to our corporate mission of creating wealth, elevating employees, and benefiting society. We promote a culture of learning, viewing the company as a school and the employees as students. We continuously enhance our talent development system and establish a wide-ranging platform for employee growth, with the aim of building a talent hub. Moreover, we have put in place a sound distribution mechanism based on contributions, optimizing the incentive structure to ensure that the benefits of company growth are shared with employees.

After the talks, the students submitted their resumes, and the company’s personnel screened and interviewed the applicants. NHU plans to continue the recruitment drive during the spring semester in major universities across China, in order to attract talented individuals from around the nation and work together towards realizing their youthful dreams. If you have a passion for chemistry, we would be delighted to have you join us on this journey of exploring endless possibilities.

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