China’s Tiangong Space Station Is About To Be Completed

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China’s Tiangong Space Station Is About To Be Completed

September 20
09:15 2021

In 2022, China will build the first manned space station independently built and operated, the China Tiangong Space Station, with a space area of ​​50 cubic meters, which is the world’s largest space station. At present, 28 countries have applied for admission and 16 countries have obtained the right to use; in 2024, with the decommissioning of the International Space Station, the Tiangong Space Station will become the world’s only space station!

On September 5, in order to commemorate China’s aerospace entering the space station era, the China Space Museum produced a global launch conference for the “Chinese Heavenly Palace·Golden Jade Key” produced by the China Space Museum. The work will be distributed worldwide.

It is understood that “China Tiangong·Golden Jade Key” is partially made of rocket debris, which complements the intangible cultural heritage, aerospace culture, jade carving culture, and national culture that have been accumulated for thousands of years. The space station era. This work is noble, elegant and exquisite. It is the first golden and jade key in the world’s aerospace history. It is a great country glory (key) that represents the style of the times and shows cultural confidence.

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