Dongguan People’s Hospital Stereo Parking Will Be Commissioned In May

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Dongguan People’s Hospital Stereo Parking Will Be Commissioned In May

May 07
14:54 2021

On March 9, reporters from the Public Relations Department of the Dongguan City Party Committee organized intensive interviews with the grassroots “new spring to start” spring outing, learning that from May this year, a three-dimensional garage will be built in the Wanjiang Hospital area of Dongguan People’s Hospital, which effectively will solve the problem of parking difficulties for local citizens.

Obviously, the Wanjiang District of Dongguan People’s Hospital had enough parking spaces – about 1,700 open-access parking spaces, but there are some phenomena such as difficult parking and erratic parking during peak hours. In order to alleviate the parking problem for citizens, the Dongguan City Government is promoting a three-dimensional transformation of the original ground parking by optimizing the organization of parking traffic and increasing the speed of parking and picking up a car.

This project is a key project of the Dongguan Municipal Government to create parking spaces to increase the number of parking spaces with a total investment of about 6.1 million yuan, which is co-financed by the Municipal People’s Hospital and municipal finance. The project covers an area of 7,840 square meters, parking equipment – 3,785 square meters, a reserve of 194.4 square meters of ground parking and the construction of 53 groups of 1,008 mechanical three-dimensional parking spaces with vertical circulation.

According to reports, Dongguan People’s Hospital’s intelligent three-dimensional parking is currently the largest vertical parking project in China. The main structure of the project is mechanical 3D parking equipment, and outside the parking lots are equipped with light steel structure. Before the renovation, only about 200 parking spaces were provided in the parking lot of the site; after extensive renovation, 1108 parking spaces (including 100 ground ones) can be realized with an increase in capacity of about 5 times.

The installation of the three-dimensional car park is gradually being completed and the commissioning of all equipment is nearing, and the auxiliary rooms are gradually being improved. To park, the owner of the car will only need to press a button or swipe the card at the terminal at the entrance to the garage to leave and pick up the car. The car or empty space will automatically move to the bottom of the garage, and the process of parking or picking up takes only 1-2 minutes. “The car park is the largest vertical circulation parking project in China, with 53 groups of 1,008 mechanical 3D vertical circulation parking spaces,” said Luo Shuzhen, vice president of the City People’s Hospital.

The construction project officially kicked off in June 2020, according to Cai Liming, secretary of the Dongguan People’s Hospital Party Committee. All ancillary projects, such as façade lighting, a rain-protected corridor from the parking lot to the hospital, a fire pool and an off-parking toilet, are scheduled to be completed by April 30, 2021, with commissioning scheduled for May.

“According to the preliminary plan, once the three-dimensional car park is operational, it will primarily be used for parking the hospital staff,” said Cai Liming. The smart parking garage is about 3 minutes’ walk from the hospital park. After it is used primarily for parking the hospital staff, more than 1,000 parking spaces in the former staff parking lot closer to the hospital grounds will be freed up for use by citizens. With the initial number of parking spaces, the total number of parking spaces will reach more than 2,700. In addition, in accordance with the experience and achievements of the hospital staff in the use of three-dimensional parking, we will continue research to build a new one. 3D parking based on the original parking space on the hospital grounds in the future, to further facilitate parking for the public.

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