Daniel Christopher Lee Establishes Net Metering Systems in the Midst of His Massively Successful Career

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Daniel Christopher Lee Establishes Net Metering Systems in the Midst of His Massively Successful Career

May 07
18:54 2021
Daniel Christopher Lee Establishes Net Metering Systems in the Midst of His Massively Successful Career

The road to success is often paved with divergent paths and many obstacles. There is no one true stairway toward success. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to find oneself in a position where they could safely say that they are definitely where they need to be. Daniel Christopher Lee is a serial entrepreneur, solar expert, and D2D sales guru who has paved his own path toward success. Nowadays, he hopes to teach other people how to overcome their obstacles and fully succeed in the world of business.

Daniel, also known as DLee, has championed his success around building sales systems that can be taught, mastered, and replicated. The esteemed entrepreneur always puts his focus toward the people. He has developed hundreds of sales professionals, and he has also helped thousands of families across the United States. 

However, things weren’t always smooth sailing for Daniel. Growth and success weren’t instant. It took a lot of hard work, patience, and resiliency to get to where he is today. As he was starting out with his career, he was nearly trapped in the grueling world of corporate America, working for ten years for Verizon. Fortunately, he was given the opportunity to sever his ties with the company despite it being a bittersweet moment in his career. 

That moment allowed Daniel to pivot toward becoming an entrepreneur rather than becoming a slave to the nine-to-five system. He ventured into the solar industry with zero experience, but he knew that he had to take a chance if he wanted to succeed in the long run. He became a door-to-door salesperson, swallowing his pride and getting to work on a daily basis. At this point in his career, he had to put his position and experience in his back pocket.

“The first 30 days were the most challenging. It was an internal battle with myself, going back and forth about quitting and finding a ‘real job’ or sticking it out,” says Daniel. Luckily enough, after five weeks of selling door-to-door, something clicked for him, and the process was dialed in. The schedule followed through, and the consistency came along with it. Everything practically fell into place, and Daniel went from zero industry experience to becoming the #1 sales representative in the entire area of Southern California.

Daniel became a hot commodity in the industry, to the point of feeling like an all-star free agent in a competitive sport. CEOs and big-time executives were offering him positions to work for their companies. Ultimately, he felt a strong connection with a small local company and took over as the Director of Sales. He garnered a lot of success with the company, but he knew that he was destined for something greater.

So he began his own company called Net Metering Systems, a company that focuses on getting the best rates without sacrificing the quality of services. Through his company, Daniel was able to provide clients with maximum savings, and his sales representatives were given optimal compensation.

In 2020 during the pandemic, Net Metering Systems was able to grow its commission revenue to $5 million. Nowadays, the company is selling solar in 20+ states and Daniel has amassed over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Daniel has truly grown his vision in providing a platform for salespeople to grow their generational wealth to maximize savings for families through solar. 

All in all, Daniel is inspiring a new set of entrepreneurs through documenting his business journey on social media. He is gaining success and inspiring others his own way, and it’s as captivating as it sounds on paper.

To know more about Daniel Lee and Net Metering Systems, check out the information below.

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