Tantric Academy Helps Empower Men to Become their Better Selves

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Tantric Academy Helps Empower Men to Become their Better Selves

April 28
15:20 2021
Steffo Shambo’s Tantric Academy is hosting “5 Steps To Reclaim Confidence And Passion In Your Marriage”, a free online training for men who are ready to reclaim their confidence and revive the spark in their relationships.

Relationships are hard work, and many issues will continue to arise the longer it goes. Communication, compatibility, and passion are all factors that come into play when trying to keep a relationship going strong. In fact, in 2013, a study made by the National Center for Biotechnology Information listed lack of commitment, infidelity, and conflict as the top reasons for why so many couples end up in divorce. These are just a few among a long list of problems that commonly lead to couples giving up after losing their spark.

Tantric Academy — an online academy for men’s self-development — commits to solve these issues with their free online relationship training for men. The Tantric Academy offers a masterclass called “5 Steps To Reclaim Confidence And Passion In Your Marriage”. This aims to help men act, make a stand, and reintroduce intense desire in an unhappy marriage or relationship. Through this relationship training, men will regain their confidence and reconnect with their partner on a deeper level, all while staying true to themselves.

The Tantric Academy has a goal of “helping men master confidence, passion, and purpose to save their marriage from divorce,” says founder Steffo Shambo.

The Tantric Academy aims to empower men through the traditions of Tantra, which, like yoga, is a spiritual practice and esoteric philosophy. It integrates yoga, mental strength, and passion into a man’s life to help him reach peak spirituality. It focuses on guiding men in attaining spirituality in the pursuit of healthy personal relationships and self-development.

Apart from the free online relationship training, Tantric Academy also offers a 9-week mentorship program called “The Tantric Man Experience,” which takes a holistic approach in improving a man’s love-life by giving relationship advice, improving intimacy, and boosting self-confidence. This mentorship program for clients only is especially helpful in developing a strong foundation for couples, as it helps in setting a couple’s goals and expectations, whether it involves work, being a good husband, and even fatherhood.

“The Tantric Man Experience” teaches men to break free from traumas that affect how they communicate with their partners whether physically, mentally, and emotionally. This mentorship program helps rekindle passion and connection between partners and avoid and easily resolve arguments and other signs of disconnect between two partners to keep the relationship positive.

The program is also open to those who are single and looking for love. One of the program’s practices is in boosting one’s masculine confidence to help them attract other people and form long-term relationships.

Get more information and watch the free relationship training at https://tantricacademy.com/.

About The Tantric Man Experience

The Tantric Man Experience is a program by Steffo Shambo, founder of Tantric Academy, that strives to empower men to realize and tap into their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and their ability to connect with themselves and their partner on a deeper level than ever before.

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