Find A More Prominent Connection To God With This Prayer Journal

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Find A More Prominent Connection To God With This Prayer Journal

January 18
23:27 2023
Find A More Prominent Connection To God With This Prayer Journal

We tend to lose our connection with God, and it is often that we do not pray for things we might truly desire. To keep yourself on the right track, you need motivation and direction. This will be the perfect book for you if you have an interest in rekindling your relationship with God. This prayer journal is a 52-week course that will guide you to a higher connection with God. It will align you with your needs and help specify what your prayers should be. This is a way of connecting your needs to the Lord above, who will give you what you want when the time is right.

The first step to realizing your needs and wants is putting them into the world and acknowledging that they exist. This journal will help you with that exactly. You can also use this as a daily journal entry and analyze what affected you the most throughout the day. Take this as a time to reflect on the things that matter and those that you are grateful for. With time your mind will align itself on the things that need improvement and situations where you need to trust God. Your prayers will soon be aligned, and your trust in God will be higher than ever.

About The Author

Shannon Proctor is a woman of God and has a beautiful family she adores. She has consistently had faith in the path of God and strives to improve her relationship with Him every day. She and her husband were also the leaders of their church’s marriage ministry. Shannon loves traveling, nature and has been to multiple destinations with her family.

This book is a way for her to give back to people and help them find their path back to God and His mercy.

Her Daily Bread Prayer Journal by Shannon E Proctor is available on Amazon!

Publishing Date: July 24, 2022



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