Tree Service Experts Irvine Uses Tree Pruning to Eliminate Property Damage Risk

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Tree Service Experts Irvine Uses Tree Pruning to Eliminate Property Damage Risk

July 05
18:36 2022

Irvine, California – Tree Service Experts Irvine recently received a call from Billy. He sounded worried. After a windy afternoon, a damaged tree branch was dangerously hanging over his house. The tree has been standing by the house for over 5 years. And the strong winds were the cause of the damaged branch.

When calling Tree Service Experts Irvine, Billy felt that maybe he was going to wait in the line. Delay from the company would have compelled Billy to spend more dollars on repairing his utility because of the resulting damage. Shockingly, Billy’s call was answered on the first ring.

“There have been strong winds in the afternoons, and the reason for such winds is still unclear,” said Billy. “The tree has been here since the family bought off the property from a real estate developer. It has been of great significance to the house and the family. It has acted as a windbreaker for all these years. But, let alone acting as a windbreaker, it also provided a good shed for the family and friends that paid a visit. Unfortunately, today the strength of the wind was too much to bear.”

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Billy noted that he had initially used the Tree Service Experts Irvine tree pruning services. In a vivid reaction inherent to the situation the damaged branch portrayed, he was convinced that calling the company was the right call to make. The customer care desk assured him that a team of professionals was dispatched and were to arrive at his home in the shortest time possible.

“The team of professionals arrived an hour later,” noted Billy. “The call was too prompt, and there wasn’t enough time to do a price quotation or even send an expert to assess the tree. The family then had to agree with the team on the landscape, and equally, the experts surveyed how to save the utility from any damage.”

Billy noted that the company agreed on an affordable charge, unlike the amount he would have spent on repairing the utility. Conducting a cost evaluation, he wholly agreed that the company’s charges were affordable, and he didn’t feel a pinch making the payments later after the service.

“They started the removal process immediately. An agreement was reached between the family and the company,” said Billy. “They used the bucket trucks to access the damaged tree branch. It was firmly tied with ropes that were attached to the crane. The team later used the power-cutting tools to cut the branch. To everyone’s surprise, the branch didn’t touch the utility not at once. Instead, it was lifted slowly and dropped into an open space. The team further went ahead to reach the tree crown and pruned branches that were susceptible to breaking.”

The whole procedure was handled with a lot of care to save the client’s house from damage. Since then, the client has called to applaud the company for saving the day.

“Clients like Billy are the esteemed customers who articulately understand how the company has been imperative in the neighborhood,” said the company’s CEO. “His remarks about the company will be a muscle in building its reputation in the future for its tree removal, pruning, and trimming services. Tree Service Experts have also recently used its services to turn a dead tree into firewood in a client’s home. But, conversely, the client has applauded the company for the extra work they did!”

Tree Service Experts Irvine is located at 17971 Sky Park Cir, Irvine, CA 92614, United States. Customers, however, can book tree care procedures through +1 657-332-1006 and [email protected]

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