Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co. Ltd Grabs All the Attention in 48th Guangzhou International Quality Home and Lifestyle Fair 2021

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Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co. Ltd Grabs All the Attention in 48th Guangzhou International Quality Home and Lifestyle Fair 2021

July 01
16:34 2022

China – July 01, 2022 – BK CIANDRE participated in the 48th China International Furniture Fair. The CIFF is a business platform which provides the opportunity to meet businesses clients and exporters under single roof. This is the world’s largest furniture exhibition held in China which brings the whole furniture manufacturing eco system under CIFF roof. The main idea behind this furniture fair is to promote new products, ideas, and solutions to explore the constantly advancing market needs. This CIFF fair conduct B2B meetings online as well as offline.

BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic furniture manufacturer and minimalist furniture provider all around the world. This CHINA originated manufacturing company has designed ceramic furniture for many individuals and companies. 

During the participation in China International Furniture Fair CIFF BKX Smart Furniture Co.,Ltd is showcasing it’s amazing and most demanded collection of furniture. 


Open Closets/ Cabinets

A modular open closet are customized designed containing different cool colours and compact in size shelves. These closets come in three size 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm of width which saves the space and store more items on it. They are made according to the space of your room. Because of aluminium and ceramic material, they look amazingly beautiful and enhance your room decoration. Closets were supposed to be a lockable structure that stores our clothes. However, open closets have become more popular over the years and currently achieved a sign of standard and comfort for homes. Some benefits of open closets are Below.

  • Convenient Storage

  • Artistic Designs and Colours

  • Minimalist Design 

  • Cleaning is Easy and Less Time Consuming

  • Best Way of Organizing Clothes and other Household Stuff

Ceramic Table

During China International Furniture Fair “CIFF” BK CIANDRE is also featuring its ceramic tables these includes ceramic dining table and ceramic outdoor coffee tables. Ceramic tables look like a marble table, but ceramic material is more shiny and durable light weight. This ceramic tables are offering in different attractive colours. BK CIANDRE Ceramics furniture is trending and most selling material nowadays because they have some qualities which stand ceramic out of the crowd.

Washable- Ceramic material is washable and easy to clean water absorbent material.

Scratch Less Material- You should not be worried about scratches on the tabletop ceramic tables are scratch less which increases the life of tables and looks as fresh as new for long time.

Waterproof Hygienic Ceramic Tables – Ceramic tables are waterproof there will be no stain or absorbed if there is any type of liquid juice and water etc spilled onto these tables. This gives these table a hygienic feel.

Some of the other products also in collection

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Kitchen Panels 

  • Customized Ceramic Doors

  • TV Wall Cabinets

Event Dates:

December 9th, 2021, to December 12th, 2021

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