MetaplayersGG introduces an ecosystem with the merge of E-sports and the crypto industry. 

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MetaplayersGG introduces an ecosystem with the merge of E-sports and the crypto industry. 

May 10
21:44 2022
The MetaPlayersGG team plans to bring together players with sponsors in an ecosystem beneficial participant in the industry. In only 5 months, the project has achieved significant results holding the first announcement gala with live guests, educational videos, interviews, a show match, and many more.

The event was initiated by presenting an introductory video montaged live. The gala host arrived in Gameland, a significant esports and gaming venue in the Central European region and a partner of MetaPlayersGG. Approximately 100 guests watched the shown offline on the medium and an average of 600 online on Twitch. The CEO Balázs Morvai addressed Gameland and highlighted the main strengths of the venue, then the studio talk began. After a quick recap, newcomers learned about the project’s past, and facts were told about the esports market. 


FPS token 

The FPS token allows the users to connect each asset and tool in the MetaPlayers Universe, as the decentralized token enjoys complete acceptance and support on all these platforms. On MetaPlayersGG, the FPS token will allow users to purchase tournament entries, create prize pools, and collect rewards in various games. It is also acceptable in Gamerland for any payment – gamer hours or a pint of beer are also included. 2% is constantly redistributed to holders from buying and selling fees. At the same time, the rest of the payment goes to marketing, development, and community wallets. 

The MetaPlayers Agency is expanding the ecosystem.

The main principle of the MetaPlayers Universe is to connect the different parts of esports and the crypto industry. The process is explained through an example and a huge chart that shows the details of the whole ecosystem. The basic principle is simplifying the entry of crypto industries into esports sponsorship. The MetaPlayers Agency coordinates with many other organizations such as tournament organizers, teams, content creators, marketing agencies, media companies, etc. Several companies and organizations are already part of the MetaPlayers Universe – for example, Hungary’s largest gaming media company, Leet. 



The team behind MetaPlayers is the team behind, an individual and already functioning gaming tournament organizing platform. The platform handles many esport games, LoL, PUBG, Warzone, FIFA, CSGO, Rocket League, also mobile games. Most of them are linked to Esportmanager with API, so the bracket system is automated, and the game data is updated instantly after the game is over. The site has already held more than 50 tournaments for brands like Red Bull, Samsung, and DomiNation eSports. MetaPlayers will organize weekly tournaments in several games, monthly tournaments with sponsors, and bigger prize pools.

The brand new MetaPlayersGG website 

Among the last panels is a demo of the new website was presented; this site serves as the central HUB for the whole universe. Users can find everything related to esports or crypto. First, the tournaments relate to, including Play to Earn game listings with guides, a gaming NFT marketplace, esports streams, and all the partners of MPG. Every user can build their customized profile page, teams their tame page, and organizations their org profile. 


Next Earth partnership program

The Next Earth metaverse company’s new initiative is a Limitless, a Metaverse integrator service for brands and businesses. It is a Launchpad program where MetaPlayersGG is among the first businesses to become their strategic partner to access new resources and networking opportunities. 

Below is presented the MPU’s one-year Roadmap filled with good plans:The whole show can be watched here: Embed:

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