Introducing Web Privacy with P3P – (W3C’s Platform for Privacy Preferences)

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Introducing Web Privacy with P3P – (W3C’s Platform for Privacy Preferences)

January 21
12:02 2022
Introducing Web Privacy with P3P - (W3C’s Platform for Privacy Preferences)
A book about state-of-the-art websites’ best privacy practices as most websites use P3P technology built in all major web browsers.

A US-based Associate Research Professor (Carnegie Mellon University) Lorrie Faith Cranor’s creation, a book related to about stat of the art web sites best privacy practices as most of the websites use P3P technology is built in most of the web browsers.

The W3C’s Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) provides a standard way for web sites to communicate about their privacy practices. Many of the most popular web sites use P3P, and software to view P3P policies is built into popular web browsers. Web Privacy with P3P delivers practical advice and insider tips on configuring sites for P3P compliance. The book explains the inner workings of the P3P protocol while maintaining a hands-on implementation approach. Software developers, privacy consultants, corporate decision-makers, lawyers, public policymakers, and any individual interested in online privacy issues will find this book indispensable.

Lorrie Faith Cranor has written many articles and papers about P3P and is frequently invited to give presentations on P3P. She has developed an extensive collection of PowerPoint slides that she uses in her presentations. Several slide sets are available for download from this web site. They may be used as is or incorporated into other presentations as long as their source is properly acknowledged.

On the top of all that, there are many slides and PPTX are available to download free of cost and many advice and proven methods to avoid any privacy breach and secure web privacy.

For more information, please visit or send an email to [email protected]

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