EGGT Officially Lists On The Probit Global Platform

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EGGT Officially Lists On The Probit Global Platform

January 19
10:48 2022
Innovative O2O Blockchain Dutch Auction Platform, Egg n Partners, announces the official listing of EGGT on ProBit Global, a leading Seoul-based crypto exchange

The team at the Egg & Partners recently announced that EGGT, the official currency of the EGGVERSE platform, has been launched on Probit Global. The move is in line with the platform’s goal of providing a decentralized and transparent compensation system to ensure the fair distribution of the added value of the ecosystem’s growth to contributors. In a related development, J.P. GETTY LTD. recently announced that it will carry out an Egg & Partners project with XNOTI INC., a reverse auction platform, to develop an EGGVERSE platform for auction and reverse auction transactions.

The NFT market is divided into a B2B auction and reverse auction market for mass purchases such as movie tickets, various coupons, or group purchases, and an auction and reverse auction market dealing with houses, luxury cars, luxury watches, and bags, and jewelry in the movie. However, the EGGVERSE platform seeks to take the experience a notch higher with the introduction of Metaverse technology, along with blockchain and NFT technology, to overcome the limitations of the existing auction and reverse auction system.

The ecosystem will accommodate the rapidly changing demands of the auction and reverse auction O2O (O2O) market. EGGVERSE allows NFT trading of famous movie roles and character products, characterized by dealing with NFT products related to famous roles such as Iron Man and Joker. There are also plans to handle actual products such as clothes, watches, cars, and houses that were used as movie props.

Egg n Partners has partnered with several notable brands in the blockchain space to bring the project to live. The decision to list EGGT on ProBit Global, a crypto exchange with real daily trading volume reiterates the commitment of the team. ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange worldwide servicing crypto enthusiasts with unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 600+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

The EGGVERSE platform is a creation of NEXTWORLD and JP Getty. NEXTWORLD is a film company under the leadership of Shin Woo-sung, known for investing in the films “The Battleship Island,” “1987” and “Be With You.” The CEO of the company announced plans to launch an NFT-based entertainment business with JP Getty (CEO Kylie) in Singapore. The two companies decided to build an “EGGVERSE” platform in cooperation with each other in the field of entertainment and blockchain that they have accumulated.

Other plans for EGGVERSE include a Dutch solution using NFT Marketplace Open (movie tickets) in February, with NFT Market Category Service/Training to be added in April and the Egg & Partner platform to open and skating policy operated from August.

For more information about EGGVERSE and other projects on the ecosystem, visit – The project also has a growing online community across social media, including MediumTwitter, and Telegram.

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