Eangelmarkets Constructing Multi-chain Eco-trade and Achieving Free Trade Market

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Eangelmarkets Constructing Multi-chain Eco-trade and Achieving Free Trade Market

December 23
14:39 2021

Exchanges have always been an important part of the blockchain industry。Many people learn about the blockchain industry by trading bitcoins on exchanges。Nowadays, the development of the exchange is also changing with each passing day,and users are overwhelmed by the endless forms of operation. Ultimately, exchanges are currently still divided into centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges are different from centralized exchanges, which are mainly reflected in two aspects: “technology” and “governance”.

From the technical point of view, decentralized exchanges are transacted through smart contracts on the chain. Traditional centralized exchanges are traded off-chain. From the governance perspective, the governance of decentralized exchanges carries the attributes of being open and community-driven. The governance model of a centralized exchange is the same as that of a traditional company. When you use different centralized exchanges, you need to repeat account registration and KYC authentication. With decentralized exchanges, there is no such problem: you only need one wallet to use different decentralized exchanges.

Assets are controlled by exchanges, which is an unavoidable weakness of centralized exchanges. There may be situations such as hacker attacks and theft by guards.In contrast, decentralized exchanges have higher security: even if they are attacked by hackers, user assets are still in their own wallets and remain safe; there is no risk of self-theft, no exchange bankruptcy and running away.

Eangelmarkets is a new seamless cross-chain, all-industry decentralized derivatives exchange with a friendly automatic market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol, which enables secure, fast and low cost exchange of full cryptocurrencies/tokens, cross-chain transfers and liquidity mining. Through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, Eangelmarkets integrates the trading advantages of CEX and DEX to help users use different derivatives transactions service with faster transaction speed, better security, better liquidity and capital efficiency.

In addition to supporting decentralized spot trading, Eangelmarkets also supports various derivatives trading such as futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance, etc. Meanwhile, Eangelmarkets has a unique flexible cross-chain technology that will cover spot transactions and derivatives transactions of various pass-throughs on mainstream public chains such as BSC, Ether, Polka, Polygon, Matic, and Wavefield.

Eangelmarkets has several innovative functions, such as: Eangelmarkets’ transaction function, adopting an improved AMM mechanism, with multi-currency cross-chain transactions, providing liquidity, mining rewards and other functions. Eangelmarkets innovatively launched the industry’s first “composite contract”, which combines on-chain technology and off-chain products to provide users with a safe and smooth contract transaction experience. You can issue passes and other derivatives based on the Eangelmarkets platform, and go live on the platform with decentralized IDO and other features. Eangelmarkets is powerful and convenient to use with multiple trading terminals. Seamless integration of on-chain and off-chain through the Eangelmarkets client side. Eangelmarkets launched the global “cross-chain bridge”, which realized the essential decentralized asset cross-chain protocol system, which is fairer and more decentralized, and supports the cross-chain transaction and transfer of all technological public chain assets.

As a decentralized derivatives exchange, Eangelmarkets overcomes the drawbacks of centralized exchanges and leads the industry trend. Eangelmarkets supports trading of futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance and many other derivatives. Eangelmarkets has many original innovations, more functions, higher efficiency and faster speed to help investors open the wealth code and multiply their wealth.

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