360 Smart Life Launches 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8

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360 Smart Life Launches 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8

December 01
20:18 2021

360 Smart Life has launched the latest version of its range of robot vacuum cleaners, the 360 S8 robot vacuum. Celebrated for its precise LiDAR SLAM navigation system and intelligent obstacle avoidance, the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 puts deep cleaning at your fingertips (without the need to get your hands dirty). Able to map the rooms of your home in order to decide on the optimal path for cleaning, it gets the job done quickly, efficiently and intelligently. All of the S8’s smart features can be controlled via an app, making it the perfect partner for a sweat-free spotless home.

The S8’s cutting-edge LiDAR SLAM navigation system scans, maps and plans its route in real-time, ensuring the optimal cleaning path through your home. Anti-collision sensors also intelligently help the robot avoid hitting and scratching your furniture and walls, so you can be confident of a thorough but careful clean, even in complex scenarios.

With a multi-floor map management system accessed through the app, the S8 can store up to five saved room layouts plus five recent maps. The robot will automatically switch to the relevant map when placed in a room it recognizes and even log on to the nearest wifi.

This clever cleaning robot does more than just vacuum. It comes with a 320 ml 3-level electric water tank that uses the optimal amount of water to mop when a hard floor is detected. But don’t worry, your expensive rug won’t get mopped by accident. The S8 will automatically switch to a maximum suction power of 2,700 Pa when on carpets and rugs, storing all it removes in a 360 ml dustbin. Together, the mopping and vacuuming modes will effectively rid your home of dust, dirt, pet hair and debris.

Thanks to its slim design and precise mapping, the S8 can scoot under furniture, around chair legs and right up to the edges of walls. You can rest assured that every corner of every room will be cleaned to perfection. Self-protecting anti-drop sensors, meanwhile, ensure the S8 won’t take a tumble off a ledge or down your stairs when going about its duties.

As if things couldn’t get any easier, you can activate the S8 with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. And you don’t even need to think about charging. The 3,200 mAh battery provides up to 140 mins on a single charge, allowing for the cleaning of rooms of up to 140 sqm. When the battery is finally near depletion, the S8 automatically returns to its dock to resume its work once power has been restored.

You don’t even need to be home to communicate with the S8. Through the mobile app, you can schedule cleaning times and customize routes, as well as set up specific areas to be mopped only, cleaned more deeply or avoided altogether. The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 puts powerful cleaning in the palm of your hand.

“The 360 S8 is a superb two-in-one robot vacuum that crosses higher thresholds, has an accurate fully-featured multi-level map and LiDAR navigation”, said Eileen Brown from ZDNet, in her review. 

The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S8 is currently available on the website and Amazon.

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