Nature’s Lawn’s Top Mowing Tips for a Lush Lawn with Less Chemicals

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Nature’s Lawn’s Top Mowing Tips for a Lush Lawn with Less Chemicals

January 25
15:39 2021
Top-Rated Organic Lawn Care Brand Nature’s Lawn Shares How To Quickly and Easily Achieve A Beautiful Lawn Through Simple Mowing Techniques.

Having a beautiful lawn without the help of harmful chemical pesticides can seem difficult.

That’s why the folks at Nature’s Lawn, a top-rated chemical free lawn care brand with over 40 years of experience are sharing the top 5 ways to easily get a lush, chemical-free lawn by managing mowing height, timing, clippings, and blade sharpness.

One thing on which lawn pros all agree is that a healthy lawn not only looks better, but also has more resistance to insects, disease, and even weeds.

And lawn health has as much to do with how it is cut it as it does to do with what is sprayed or spread on the grass.

Believe it or not, simple changes in mowing habits have a tremendous effect on the health and appearance of lawns.

Below are five mowing fundamentals that homeowners need to know in order to create a greener, thicker, and healthier grass.

Mow higher. Taller grass shades out some weeds and crabgrass, has better color, and produces more food for itself through photosynthesis. It also grows a deeper and more extensive root system that can reach more water and soil nutrients. This results in healthier grass with more insect and disease resistance too.

Trim, don’t chop the grass. Try to mow frequently enough to cut off 1/3 or less of the grass blades per mowing, especially after the initial spring growth spurt is over. When half or more of the blade is chopped off, the grass is taken out of growth mode and sent immediately into repair mode, where it is more susceptible to disease and insects. In repair mode, root growth ceases while energy is diverted to grow more leaf blade.

Lawns should still be green after mowing, not off color, yellow or brown. If there is a significant color difference after mowing, then the mowing height is too short (and stressing the grass back into repair mode). This applies mostly to upright-growing, non-creeping type grasses.

Leave the clippings. They are loaded with nutrients. Get a mulching mower to chop the clippings up more if you can’t tolerate seeing them on the surface. Recycling clippings to the lawn restores essential nutrients and helps improve the soil.

Sharpen mower blades yearly and don’t mow when wet. Dull blades tear the grass instead of giving a clean cut. Tearing is like an open wound to the grass and can lead to fungus or insect attack. These tears cause the tips of the grass to turn brown and perhaps stringy. If there is a pale haze on the lawn a day or two after mowing, this shows the blade definitely needs sharpening. Mowing the grass when its wet can also prevent a clean cut, so wait until the dew is off and the grass is dry and standing up straighter before mowing.

Award-winning Nature’s Lawn has a broad array of organic fertilizer products to make a home lawn the oasis it deserves to be quicker and easier.

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