Jacob Zetino on Creating a Digital Future Today Through Dapper Penguin Entertainment

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Jacob Zetino on Creating a Digital Future Today Through Dapper Penguin Entertainment

January 18
23:42 2021
Jacob Zetino on Creating a Digital Future Today Through Dapper Penguin Entertainment

Award-winning producer and CEO Jacob Zetino has a lot up his sleeve. With a determination like no other and a track record for success, the executive producer is thriving amid the COVID-19 pandemic and, with brilliant plans underway, will continue to do so for a long time.

Jacob Zetino’s journey to recognition in the entertainment industry began long before he founded Dapper Penguin Entertainment. Before becoming the media powerhouse he is now, Jacob used to serve the nation in another manner.

The celebrated executive producer was in the United States Army for ten years before leaving the service in 2012 as a Sergeant with multiple commendations. In his military career, Jacob had been deployed to Afghanistan and other countries where he worked with general officers, senators, royal dignitaries, and celebrities.

The experience helped Jacob develop a broader artistic perspective that established a firm foundation for his success. Living surrounded by different cultures allowed the artist and entrepreneur to build from his Producing and Filmmaking bachelor’s degree from The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California.

Besides graduating Summa Cum Laude at the film school, Jacob has also attended the conservatory acting program at the esteemed New York Academy. His brilliance and talent have brought several masterpieces on the screen, earning him a whopping 16 awards for his film, television, and digital production experience.

Dapper Penguin Entertainment, the home of those fan-favorite productions, is where Jacob Zetino transitions his imaginations to reality – including his dreams of forwarding out-of-the-box and unique ventures for the entertainment industry’s growth.

After expanding his Beverly Hills-based company to multiple divisions by adding television and media, Jacob Zetino is currently working on something new.

The idea came to him while working tirelessly in developing and producing fresh content amid the global pandemic. Determined to keep Dapper Penguin Entertainment above the water, the driven entrepreneur kept busy and has his team in negotiations for an innovative entertainment enterprise with new partners worldwide. 

This upcoming venture, inspired by the restrictions brought by the health crisis, strategizes the use of technology to reduce production cost without endangering its content’s quality – giving Dapper Penguin Entertainment and its associates an edge over the competition.

“Audiences from all over the world love to watch content in various forms these days, whether virtual reality on an Oculus, or traditional theater & IMAX, from the comfort of their home televisions or even on their mobile or tablet devices,” he shares. 

With this in mind, Jacob Zetino creates and seeks content worldwide to compile a library of diverse timeless stories accessible at any time, anywhere. 

“There are so many ways to distribute content so audiences can see new worlds come to life whether it be from their favorite books, comics, or video games, and so much more. We live in an age where audiences want more and more content but with the availability of options of how to watch them not being constrained.”

Whether a theatrical release or on Jacob’s platform of original and licensed content, the award-winning producer is ready to introduce an option that has never been there before. 

While working on this exciting project, Dapper Penguin Entertainment’s CEO and its team are also optioning several intellectual properties and developing content with actor and writer Matthew Dennis Lewis from Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” and “Godless.”

Besides being a growing influence in the entertainment industry, Jacob Zetino is also a proud and active member of the Veterans in Media & Entertainment and the American Legion Post 43 Hollywood, California. Other members have included icons such as Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry, Ronald Reagan, and Stan Lee, among others.

Learn more about the celebrated executive producer and CEO Jacob Zetino by following him on Instagram and Twitter. Stay updated on Jacob’s upcoming ventures by visiting his company, Dapper Penguin Entertainment, on its Instagram and Twitter profiles.

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