TheraV: The Industry Leader in Connecting Professional Therapists and Clients for a Complete Therapy Experience

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TheraV: The Industry Leader in Connecting Professional Therapists and Clients for a Complete Therapy Experience

January 18
23:21 2021
TheraV: The Industry Leader in Connecting Professional Therapists and Clients for a Complete Therapy Experience

Finding the right professional therapist is a great challenge for many with the restrictions and lockdowns in place today. While there are many therapists in the field, it remains difficult for many prospective clients to find the perfect professionals who can meet their vision and needs. Fortunately, TheraV seeks to address this gap by providing both therapists and clients an avenue where they easily connect and match their services with specific needs.

TheraV is a rising online platform designed to connect therapists with families or individuals needing their services. It stands as the only platform that carefully screens all therapists before allowing them to connect with prospective clients. Moreover, it is also the only platform that takes the time to personally speak with families and individuals, making sure that their goals and needs are aligned with the services provided. Aside from connecting therapists with clients, the platform is also home to an array of interactive tools that keep clients fully engaged during therapy. On top of this, the platform uses the latest security features to ensure data privacy and safety during each session. 

From speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, to Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy and more, TheraV stands as an industry leader in being home to some of the best specialists in the scene. Moreover, the team spearheading the platform has been engaged in telepractice for over ten years, making them seasoned experts in the field. 

For the visionary therapist who founded the platform, the idea came “from a place of understanding.” Having witnessed families and friends struggle with difficulties and disorders and not know where to turn to, Mckell Smith knew she had to find a way to make a difference in the world of teletherapy. This breakthrough marked the beginning of TheraV.

Indeed, TheraV was established to meet the growing needs of the therapy industry. As a therapist for almost a decade, the founder understood that many people struggle with finding the right therapists for their needs. For others, they find themselves stuck with professionals with whom they have no established rapport or those who are not bringing in significant progress for the client. To bridge this gap, the company takes into consideration important factors such as strengths, specialties, and costs of therapists during the screening process as a way to assist clients in finding the right professional.

The company strives to be a place where both professionals and clients can feel confident in their decision to move forward in life with therapy. Essentially, TheraV is an effective telepractice solution in the field of therapy. It is a revolutionary step that aims to make treatment as easy and convenient as possible. 

The platform goes beyond being used as a matchmaking tool for therapists and patients. TheraV is a community where clients are empowered to seek the professional help they need, and at the same time, it is a place where therapists’ services can expand to reach more people in need. 

To know more about TheraV and its services, please visit its official website.

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