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February 25
02:39 2020 Promotes Tours to Holy Land Where the Lord Jesus Walked

Visiting the Holy Land will be like a dream come true. Imagine walking in the footsteps of Jesus where he lived and taught the words of his Father. While many people may dispute the fact that Jesus was a living, breathing person, taking a tour of the country of Israel and getting to know the people will bring the truth to light. Bathing in the saltiest water on Earth, which is the Dead Sea, has healed many visitor’s skin problems as well as rheumatism. As many as 4 million people enjoy visiting the country each year. 

Pre-Planning a Tour of Israel is Wise

Pre-planning and checking the FAQs of touring companies, like Immanuel-Tours, is wise. Many people want to know if it’s safe to travel to a country situated near others where there is unrest. Most people ask questions about their safety first before moving on to what the weather is like and if they’ll need a VISA. According to, traveling with a highly reputable company should be considered. Because a company is based in an area where their clients visit, they’re familiar with the people, and any terrorist activity or unrest in the vicinity. Their first concern as a company will be the safety of their clients.

Israel is a Modern Country

Who would think that the image of Lot’s wife when she was turned into a pillar of salt is still standing near the Dead Sea? Israel is a modern country with over 8.7 million people and growing as more people return to their homeland. Israel’s tech start-ups rival Silicon Valley in California. The main language spoken in Israel is Hebrew. US Christian students come to Holy Land to connect to biblical and modern Israel

Tour Guides are Available to Drive Through Cities in Israel

Since tour guides know the area, they drive tourists to see the sites. The daily itinerary will be full since there are so many areas of interest in this country. Visiting the country is going to be a true learning experience. Being able to speak to the residents, listen and dance to their music will be an unforgettable experience with memories that will last forever. People who’ve toured the country of Israel leave with the treasure of knowing what went on over 2000 years ago. They’ve literally walked the path of the one who was born and died so that others could live forever. Just click this to get an idea of the sites that will be on a visitor’s touring list. 

Ask the Right Questions When Pre-Planning 

Most people will take their tour of Israel with a group of others who will also want answers to their questions. Some are easy, but of much concern. Questions such as “Can I drink the water in Israel?” The answer is yes, it’s safe. What about travel insurance? Is it recommended? The answer is Yes, because a traveler’s health insurance may not cover them in a far-away land. Remember, taking the time to plan will ensure a good trip.

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