How Should Amazon FBA Sellers Prepare for the Next Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

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How Should Amazon FBA Sellers Prepare for the Next Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

December 05
02:15 2019

Cyber Monday 2019 broke another e-commerce record: US shoppers racked up a total of $9.4 billion in online sales, according to figures from Adobe.

Before diving into what happened in these big shopping events, let’s do a quick recap at the basics first:

  • Black Friday is a popular shopping day that comes after Thanksgiving. It was given the name because a large number of people headed to the stores, created a lot of traffic and violence in their pursuit to get the best deals. While Black Friday Sale is the concept generated by the brick-and-motor business, online Black Friday sales are equally popular and vigorous.
  • Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers, witnessed a massive surge of traffic during Black Friday and its close counterpart Cyber Monday. Black Friday sale comes on November 29th, 2019; Cyber Monday begins on December 2nd, December 2nd, 2019, and Cyber Week starts from November 25th and lasts till December 2nd. 

Amazon rarely releases exact numbers, but it said on Tuesday that “hundreds of millions” of products were sold between Thanksgiving and Monday.

So, apart from profitable business opportunities, what else can amazon sellers and brands learn from this holiday season? In this article, we will discuss what e-commerce sellers need to do to endure maximum profits on the next big holiday season.

Let’s get started!

A Look into the Past Trends

With the rapidly changing lifestyle and needs of the people, Amazon’s selling trends also witness the rapid transformation. However, that doesn’t mean that past trends cannot be insightful. In 2019, Black Friday sees record $7.4B in online sales. So, if you play your cards right, there is an immense opportunity for you to make substantial revenue.

According to the statistics by SellerMotor, below are the best-selling items on Amazon in the past 2 years–

  • Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry were the top-selling items and accounted for 51% of the sale.
  • 1 million toys were ordered during this Q4 holiday season.
  • The second popular category on Amazon Black Friday Sale was Home and Kitchen that summed up to 12% of the sale.
  • Other popular categories included Kitchen and Dining (11%), tools and home improvement (10%), Sports and Outdoors (4%).
  • From November 28th, 2019 to December 1st, 2019, the sales jumped nearly 450%.
  • Last year Cyber Monday sale surpassed the Black Friday sale by a substantial margin. The former has 274% better sales than Black Friday.
  • Sales continued to grow throughout December.

While Amazon did not reveal any particular data with regards to its previous year’s Q4 sales, above are some data that will help you make the necessary assessment. Moreover, the above statistics show important information that will help you understands why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are so important for Amazon sellers.

The earlier you start, the wider is your window of opportunity to try new strategies. So make hope you didn’t wait for the last moment to implement your strategies.

Harness Your Pay per Click Advertising

Traffic is skyrocketing this time of the year, and brands put the majority of their advertising budget prior to and during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. This increased budget is implied in the bidding of strategic terms or higher quality ads. It is during the pre-holiday shopping frenzy that shoppers are more inclined to make the purchase.

So advertising prior to the sale becomes more valuable.  50% of consumers ascertain that seeing attractive ads do influence their purchase decision. Generally, the engagement you receive on these ads proves to worth the price you pay for them.

Deal or No Deal

Offline Black Friday sales come with tons of discounts that include promotional discounts, coupons, Amazon giveaways, etc.  However, some sellers argue that discounts as a means of sale are unnecessary during this time of the year. Irrespective of the offers and discounts, people during holiday seasons are in a mindset to make a purchase; therefore, brands should focus on more targeted promotions.

This is true in the case of top-sellers Amazon brands as they have already established a loyal clientele who don’t need to offer special deals to boost sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, they put a discount on only there low performing products to clear the stock.

However, brands that put up offers and promotions do experience many advantages. This is especially true if you are rather new players on this platform. Lightening deals never fail to grab the attention of the customers. So putting up well-thought-out promotional deals would certainly bring in benefits.

Amazon is the Search Source

During the holiday season, convenience for people is at the forefront. 50% of shoppers start their holiday shopping search from Amazon. This is the time for sellers to harness the potentials of Amazon truly. However, many retailers don’t spend an adequate budget on Amazon advertising, fearing that their hard-earned retail customers would turn into Amazon customers. However, shoppers don’t care about the channel label.

They are looking to buy their desired product conveniently. Amazon provides brands with an excellent opportunity to target a wide horizon of customers who are loyal to the platform, and as a seller, you should take advantage of this loyalty. Considering the volume of people that comes to Amazon to search for products, not setting up your store here is only going to hamper your sales opportunities. Therefore, this holiday season, it is imperative that you work on boosting your brand’s visibility on the platform in order to make the desired revenue.

This holiday season, sellers will be using both traditional and new selling approach to ameliorate their sales probabilities. The earlier they start their advertising, the better they will be their chances to assess the strategies and make necessary modifications to make them more effective.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales bring a gamut of opportunities to sellers to make a higher profit, but their strategy should not be focused on these days. Instead, they must target the entire holiday season because this the time people are primed to make a higher purchase, thereby extending sellers with tremendous opportunities to generate higher sales and revenue.

If you have managed to do the above-mentioned things, then you are all geared for the next sale and likely to generate massive revenue.

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